Inheritance Law

You are looking for a dynamic law firm

  • with years of experience in Italian Inheritance Law
  • with sound expertise in Italian Law
  • with success stories in inheritance matters

With us you have found a partner with vast experience and successes in the area of Inheritance Law.

Our law firm has the size that guarantees your case remains the top priority of your trusted partner.

We are a German-Italian law firm based in Stuttgart and Modena with a vast network of professionals of legal experts, tax advisors, accountants and consultants etc., both in Germany and abroad.

The handling of cross-border inheritance matters in conformity with Italian and German Law is complex.

Our offer:

  • execution and representation in the succession proceedings and the distribution of assets/estate among heirs and coheirs in compliance with Italian law.
  • Last will and testament in compliance with Italian law.

Successions where Italian Law needs to be considered:

  • whenever assets and/or real estate based in Italy in particular are subject of the inheritance
  • when the last will and testament has been executed in Italy or Italian Law is applicable
  • when the deceased was an Italian national or had dual German/ Italian citizenship.