Alexa Leinardi

2000 First State Exam in Tübingen after the completion of her law studies at the universities Passau, Pavia/Italy and Tübingen with a special education in Italian and French legal terminology.

2002 Second State Exam in Stuttgart after successfully completing her traineeship in Stuttgart, Cagliari and Milan.

2003 Bar Admission in Stuttgart

2005 Bar Admission in the foreign lawyers section in Cagliari

2008 Bar Admission in Cagliari as Avvocato

Started to teach law at the Medical Academy in Stuttgart as well as consultancy of the management of a mid-sized company in Como/Italy.

Core areas of law of her mainly advisory activity:

  • General civil and economic law
  • Diritto Commerciale e Societario
  • Commercial and corporate law
  • Italian Law
  • International private law and civil procedure law
  • Intellectual property rights

Languages: German, Italian, French, Spanish, English